PDXTuning Secure Cobb AccessPORT Map Upgrade Request

If you have not already read our FAQ page please do so before requesting maps. You can find our map request FAQ page at this link.

PDXTuning Custom AccessPORT Maps are $150, and include the following RealTime maps:

  • Standard Pump Fuel Map (Main)
  • Conservative Low Boost Map
  • Anti-Theft Map
  • Valet Map

    For an additional $50, we may be able to include a race fuel/Torco map, or an SCCA legal STU or STX map for an additional $25.
  Contact Phone Number:
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  Vehicle Model Year:
Vehicle Type:
    Approximate Effective Elevation?
(This does not limit your driving to this elevation only.  This is your average elevation for daily driving.)
  Fuel Grade:
  Maps Requested:  
  Air Intake?

Exhaust? (Include Downpipe and Catback if different)


Uppipe? (Include headers)

Injectors? (Injector size, type and if tested)


Spark Plugs? (Part number and mileage helpful)

Fuel Pump?

Boost Control? (Style and Manufacturer please.)

What is your current engine management?
  AccessPORT Serial Number: *
AccessPORT Version:



Please list any additional Engine Performance Modifications and any questions you may have.
(Be sure to list any and all engine performance parts, including upgraded fuel, turbo, or intake/exhaust systems)

Plus, tell us what your power goals and car use will be. (Street, Drag Racing, Track Racing, Autocross, Car Show, etc)


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Please click the Order Maps button below.  Please note that your credit card will NOT be charged until your maps are ready to deliver.  We may contact you via email for additional information.


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