Cobb Access Port Map FAQs

 Please read the following frequently asked questions before submitting your map request.


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  • Should I request a map for my setup instead of getting a custom dyno tune?
    • Our map request program should not be considered a replacement to getting a custom dyno tune. While we have many satisfied customers who run our OTS maps daily, all our customers who get custom tuned on our dyno receive better maps than our OTS program offers. We offer OTS maps for customers who are not able to get a custom tune. We can provide maps to allow you to drive to the dyno if you have an unusual setup. We offer maps for people who live in areas where there are no reputable tuners close enough to make it practical to get custom tuned. The more you modify the more important it becomes to get your car on the dyno and make a map for your car in a controlled environment.


  • How do I data log?
    • Starting with AP firmware data logging is a feature of the Cobb AP. This means no more trying to setup open source data logging tools on your laptop. No more borrowing laptops to record data. You simply use the AP to collect the data, then when you are back at your computer download the information onto your computer and e-mail it to us. We can provide specific parameters to data log upon request.  For more information on data logging please see this page.

  • How much does a set of maps cost?
    • Map sets start at $150 per set. Additional maps for race fuel, autoX, or octane boosters run an additional fee, but are not available for all map sets.  


  • How long does it take to get a set of maps?
    • Normal map processing time is 2-3 business days. At times due to request volume we are not able to meet this time frame. You will not immediately recieve a response, as it will take a day or two for us to get to your specific request.


  • How do I know if I can get a set of maps for my setup?
    • The only way we can positively determine of a configuration can be supported is if you fill out the form and have one of our expert tuners review all the details of your configuration.


  • Can I get my maps in street tuner format?
    • We do not offer maps in Street Tuner Format. If you have already married Street Tuner to your AP we may not be able to provide maps at all as in some cases the AP will not accept our format of maps once the Street Tuner software has been loaded


  • What do I get in a set of maps?
    • A standard set of maps includes a main map, which is intended to be daily driven. A low boost map, which will improve gas mileage and work for those who do not need full power. A valet map that has a 3500 rpm limit and waste gate boost, and an anti theft map that will not allow the car to start. In the case of version 1 Access Ports you will also get a base map, with the above maps as real time maps.


  • How much does another set of maps cost if I modify my car further?
    • Depending on the changes you may be charged as little as $50, or as much as $150 for the new standard map set.


  • How much power will I make over a Cobb map?
    • Our maps can make as much as 20whp over the Cobb standard maps. In some cases you may not be able to feel the increased power, however most people report smoother power at an increased level.


  • How do you make more power than a Cobb map and still maintain safety?
    • Our maps are for very specific fuels, altitudes, and modifications. By making the maps more specific we are able to safely generate a bit more power than the generic Cobb maps. Additionally we tune with a different tuning philosophy that Cobb does. Basically we offer a different solution to the question of how to make additional power. Both Cobb and PDXTuning offer safe power gains, just using two different recipes.


  • How do I load these on my Access Port?
    • Our maps are essentially just like the maps Cobb makes for you. Once you have saved the map from our e-mail you use the map manager software to load the map onto your AP and then onto your car.


  • Are your maps compatible with others?
    • You can not and must not mix our maps with anyone else's maps. If you load our map as a base map, or as a reflash you can damage your motor if you load someone else's map as a real time change over the top. The same goes for running one of our maps as a real time change over anything other than our base or reflash map. We can not emphasize enough how important this is. Due to the way the Access Port works it is critically important that maps from different vendors are never mixed.


  • My credit card was charged, but I never recieved my map?
    • As we indicate when your order is processed, you will not be charged until the map is delivered. If you were charged we sent the maps to your e-mail address. Confirm that your spam blocker did not move the e-mail into a junk folder. If you do not see it there, contact us to confirm that there is not a typo on your e-mail address.


  • If I do not like the maps can I get a refund?
    • Since this is a service, and not an item we are selling, we are unable to refund the purchase price once we deliver the maps. Instead if you have an issue we continue the service and review any data logs you are able to provide and make updates to the map files to improve how your car runs.

I have read the above and wish to proceed to the map request form.

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