PDXTuning runs a 2006 WRX STi as our race car. This car is owned by customer Ron Pippin and is a dedicated track vehicle that gets noticed at every event we attend.

PDXTuning is home to some of the best Subaru tuners in the United States. Our tuning experience combined with the racing expertise of or Motorsports devision allows us to provide a complete racing solution that no other company secializing in Subaru's can do. Got an idea you want turned into a car? Give us a call and talk to one of our experts about tuning, fabrication, racing, or anything else you may be thinking about.



Tsukuba Circuit!

With our sucessful effort in the Subaru Tsukuba Challenge PDXTuning is now focusing on refining our car further and heading to Japan. As of now Subaru has only indicated that we will be competing in April of 2008 at the famed Tsukuba Cicuit.



We are building an entirely new turbo kit for the car with the potential to deliver even more power to the wheels. We are rebuilding both our race motors and looking to make some improvements to help broaden our power curve. Time permitting we will look to increase the displacement of our motor, increase the power out put to closer to 600whp and reduce the lag by improving the intercooler and radiator layout.


With the help of a well known technical institute we will begin testing on some new areodynamics for the vehicle to optomize the down force with specific track types in mind. With 315 tires all the way around this car traction is already incredible, but more is always better! In the shot above the car is accelerating at full power, and you can see that the tires are perfectly tucked in the fender wells. We can actually turn lock to lock with those tires under all track conditions.


It is hard to see in the small picture, but click on it to enlarge it and look behind the car. While the only turbine on the car is part of the GT35R it sure looks like it is powered by a jet engine!





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